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FAQ's & Policies

How many people allowed on the Pontoon?

Pontoons can hold up to 10 people (max of 8 adults and 2 children).

Do I need to bring Life Jackets?

We do supply standard life jackets (that may have been used by previous renters) for adults only. We do not supply life jackets for kids 10 and under. State law requires kids 10 and under to wear a life jacket. If you have a life jacket that requires a custom fit or planning on wearing it during the duration of your boating trip, we recommend to bring your own.

How old do I have to be to drive or rent a Pontoon?

Must be 25 years old to rent. Driver must have no DWI's on record. Must have VALID Drivers License.

Can we tow with the Pontoon?


Should we arrive early?

YES! Please arrive 15 minutes before check in for pre-boarding. The clock starts ticking a the beginning of the reservation time block. Please LIMIT 2 cars Max per boat rental reservation.

What is your Cancellation & Raincheck Policy?

Reservations MUST BE canceled 48 hours prior to the rental reservation start time to receive a refund. NO REFUNDS will be issued for cancellations within 48 hours of the rental reservation start time. In the case of rain at the reservation start time, or a severe weather warning that includes Prior Lake, you will be able to re-book the rental for another time, within the same calendar year. Prior Lake Pontoon Rental reserves the right to cancel reservations at any time for weather related concerns, and you will be able to re-book the rental for another time, within the same calendar year.


No Grills, Kegs of Beer or Portable Gas Cans on the Rental Boat.

No Cargo Transporting. (i.e. dock removal)

No Dogs or animals Allowed.

No Fish cleaning on the Rental Boat.

No Sunflower Seeds on Rental Boat.

No Standing or Jumping on Boat Furniture.

Is Fuel Included in Rental Price?

No. The tank is full when you receive the boat. You will need to fill the tank to FULL Level at the Marina or there is a Fuel Surcharge.

Is there a Canopy on the Boat?


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Prior Lake Pontoon Rental
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