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Prior Lake, second largest lake in the metro, boasts 1340 acres of wonderful views of the water and nature. You can also fill up your Pontoon with Gas at the Knotty Oar Marina by the Bridge. Have Fun on Prior Lake, swimming, fishing and cruising.

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Get on the Pontoon Here!

16800 Dewitte Ave SW, Prior Lake, MN 55372

Drop Boat Driver off at the Boat Ramp for Boating Instructions, while the car is being parked.

NO Parking at the Public Access. It is for Boat Trailers Only.


Park Car Here!

Park on Balsam Street. next to signs that say "No Parking with Trailers." 2 Cars Max. per Pontoon Group.
Parking is approx 3 Blocks Away from the Boat Ramp.

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Prior Lake Pontoon Rental
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